Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Spring to Sell Your Home

Posted by Erica Benzing // October 5, 2016

Who doesn’t love spring? Warm weather, blooming flowers and longer days are just some of the season’s charms. Spring is a traditional favorite time to list a home – with March signaling the start of the season. Don’t let that warm-weather season fool you, however. Any time of the year can be a good time […]

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Common Items Home Inspectors Miss

Posted by Erica Benzing // September 14, 2016

Common Items Home Inspectors Miss There is often much more than meets the eye when it comes to evaluating the state of a house. When you are ready to buy a home one of the most important people in the process will be your home inspector. Expect your home inspector to check the house from top to […]

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Decoding Real Estate Terms

Posted by Erica Benzing // August 24, 2016

When talking about buying or selling a home the staggering amount of terminology may make you feel like you’re speaking a foreign language. You will want to do your homework and brush up on your real estate terminology. Whether it is navigating the process of getting pre-qualified or evaluating prospective buyers for your home  you […]

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How to Sell your Livingston, Texas Home Fast

Posted by Erica Benzing // August 3, 2016

Ready to sell your home? Regardless of market conditions, there are some things that you can do to make sure your home sells fast. Real estate professionals will tell you that the appearance of the home, timing of the listing and certain small, strategic investments can make all the difference in how quickly-and for how […]

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Selling Your Home to a Real Estate Investor

Posted by Erica Benzing // July 13, 2016

There are many reasons why selling to a real estate investor is a great move—especially if you are looking to sell your home fast.Investors have a more clear sense of what they are looking for and are well versed in the practice of buying and selling homes. Whether you are interested in selling your home […]

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The 3 Biggest Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home

Posted by Erica Benzing // June 22, 2016

The housing market rebound is being felt in Livingston, Tx and for many the time to get going on that “sell your home” checklist has arrived. A healthy real estate market is a great opportunity for homeowners ready to sell. In addition to the practical matters of preparing your home, finding a buyer and drawing […]

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How Not to Overpay When Buying a Home in Livingston, Tx.

Posted by Erica Benzing // June 1, 2016

It is easy to end up overpaying when buying a home. Beginning with the selling price for the home, all the way through to the closing costs – there are many potentially costly line-items along the way to purchasing a home. You can ensure you’ll pay a fair price for your home by doing the […]

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Buyers Beware: 4 Things Sellers Might be Hiding about Their Home

Posted by Erica Benzing // May 11, 2016

As in most parts of the country, sellers in Livingston, Tx. must disclose all known defects or problems with their home. There are a few narrow exceptions but by and large any cracks, leaks, pests, mold, asbestos, smells or potential problems should be listed up front to any potential home buyer. There are some areas […]

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You Can Sell a Messy Home, but Here’s Why You Shouldn’t

Posted by Erica Benzing // May 4, 2016

Opportunity Home Solutions. We buy homes in the Livingston area and help home buyers find the Texas home of their dreams. Selling your home can be an easy or messy affair. Admittedly, it’s always inconvenient when you have to upend your life to accommodate prospective buyers and Livingston, TX real estate agents traipsing through your […]

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Should You Stage Your Livingston, TX Home?

Posted by Erica Benzing // April 27, 2016

If you’re ready to put yourLivingston, TX home up for sale, you’ll have to decide whether or not you want to stage your home. Because you are probably putting in some additional money to fix your up home, you want to make sure staging makes financial sense.   What Is Staging? To clarify, we’re thinking […]

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