Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Spring to Sell Your Home

Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Spring to Sell Your Home

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Sell Your HomeWho doesn’t love spring? Warm weather, blooming flowers and longer days are just some of the season’s charms. Spring is a traditional favorite time to list a home – with March signaling the start of the season. Don’t let that warm-weather season fool you, however. Any time of the year can be a good time to sell a home. And as the most savvy real estate professionals will tell you, sometimes the off-season is the best season.

Stand Out

Fewer houses on the market means lower inventory for buyers which means more attention for your home. Cold season months are traditionally slower for real estate agents – which again means more time and attention for you and your home. Contractors, home stagers and photographers will also potentially have fewer clients and be willing to cut some deals for their services during the quieter months.

Less Landscaping
In spring there is mowing, pruning, planting and a lot more to make your home’s exterior look dazzling. A little snow and naked trees can actually go a long way to helping downplay any landscaping or exterior shortcomings of your home. Not to mention that sweet, sparkly Christmas lights can be every bit as charming and flattering as springtime flowers and blossoming trees.

Fast Sales
Studies have found that average listings actually tend to net above the asking price during the months of December, January, February, and March as well as homes listed in winter months sell faster than those listed in spring and summer months. This is likely tied, at least in part, to job market and tax season influences. Everything from a holiday bonus to a tax write-off close to the end of the fiscal year may mean more motivated buyers in the fall and winter months.

Opportunity Home Solutions can help you through the process of selling your home – including deciding when is the best time for you. Contact us to set up a time to talk about you and your home – we love real estate and are all-season experts in the Livingston, Texas housing market.

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